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I’m a member of The Satanic Temple and I live in Colorado - that means I’m a member of The Satanic Temple Colorado!

Nope. Membership with any Congregation is separate and distinct from membership with The Satanic Temple international organization.

I’m in your Facebook group, so I’m a member of The Satanic Temple Colorado!

Also, no. We are a Congregation, not a Facebook group.

I was a member in another Congregation and I moved to Colorado, so I am a member here!

Again, no. Membership with any Congregation is separate and distinct from membership with other Congregations. However, if you were a member in good standing in your previous Congregation, have your Congregation leader reach out to us to get your membership process started.

So, how do I become a member?

Well, are you a RELIGIOUS Satanist? Many people come to us thinking this is like the Pastifarians, but with a cooler mascot. That is incorrect. We are not an activist organization. We are not a troll group. We are a real religion with Congregations, ministers, and an ethos that we all try to live by. We are serious about our religion and you should be too if you want to become a member.

Do you believe in the woo? All members reject pseudoscience and supernaturalism. We love and support our witchy fam, but, you cannot become a full member in the Congregation if you hold supernatural beliefs. However, you can become an affiliate member! Make sure that you line-up with all of the other requirements on this page and let us know about your interest in affiliate membership when you show up to an event.

Do you recognize that while you personally might be anti-Christian, we are not an anti-Christian organization? We oppose theocracy in all its forms. In the United States, theocracy is based in Christianity. However, we do not oppose Christianity as a whole. They are welcome to practice their religion in the public square just like everyone else. We don’t want a secular world; we want a pluralistic one.

Do you also recognize that we are not a catch-all activist group, but a real religion? Black lives matter. Black trans lives matter. Women’s rights are human rights. Love is love. Science is real. Feminism is for everyone. No human is illegal. Water is life. Abortion should be safe and easy to access. All of these statements are supported by Colorado Congregants. Our Congregation as a whole will not officially demonstrate on issues outside of supporting religious pluralism in the public square. However, we often gather together informally to protest and work on activism that does not focus on religion.

Finally, we are a family. We are a safe space. Our members are a tightknit bunch that do the work, but also have fun while doing it. We have LGBTQIA+ members, we have BIPOC members, we have members that need to know that whoever is let into their space can be trusted. We are picky about who we let in because of these reasons. It isn’t a judgement on you; it’s us keeping our current members safe and thriving.

Ok, I get it. You guys are assholes about membership. I’m still on board. How do I get started?

SHOW UP TO SOMETHING! Continue showing up to stuff! Offer to help out! We aren’t keyboard warriors. We focus on relationship building and action in the real world. After you have been hanging around in-person for a while, you can be nominated by your presiding regional Triumvirate to be considered for membership. Upon nomination, the Council will vote to decide if we would like you to join our Congregation.  If approved, you will begin the novitiate process.

The Satanic Temple Colorado currently has around 40 active members and approximately 200 recurring event attendees.

Contact Us

98% of the emails that we get ask questions that are already covered somewhere on this website. If the answer is here, it is unlikely that you will receive a response. If you are experiencing any type of accessibility issues that make reading the website a problem, please let us know!

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